Why Advertise on isbi?

Who are we?

isbi schools has been helping independent and international schools find pupils for more than 30 years and have been a trusted source of information for parents throughout that time. We have more than 6000 private schools on our website, including boarding and day schools, independent sixth forms, special schools and International schools.

Why do parents and students use the isbi Schools Directory?

The isbi Schools Directory not only enables parents and students to tailor their search requirements (by type, location, academics, learning support, special needs support, music, the arts, sport, extra-curricular and more) but also the option to compare, short-list and then contact schools too... all at no cost!

We are investing heavily in developing the isbi Schools Directory to ensure we continue to be the 'one stop' source of information for the great majority of independent and international school prospective families who have not yet decided on a particular school. The isbi Schools Directory serves a wide audience of prospective parents and students with different needs.  They include families who are either:

  • unfamiliar with the private schools sector and wanting to learn more, or
  • familiar with the private schools sector but are unsure which school would suit them, or
  • already considering a school but eager to find and consider other comparative competitor schools, or
  • wanting to assess the quality of the schools they are considering and how they compare, or
  • looking with very specific, specialist requirements in mind and searching for the schools that best match their criteria;
  • relocating to a new area in their own country or abroad and wanting an overview of the schools in the new location;
  • searching for information on virtual and 'in person' Open Days and tours.

No other schools directory offers so many families free access to so much detailed information about so many private schools, and the tools to easily search and compare it.

Why subscribe to the isbi Schools Directory?

Reach discriminating parents and students looking now. By enhancing your profile on the isbi Schools Directory you can make your school more discoverable to 1000s of prospective families who are actively looking every month for a school like yours.

Choose from a range of packages costing as little as £10 a month to connect with, engage and convert prospective parents and students. Generate enquiries, registrations and enrolments. Parents and students use and recommend the isbi Schools Directory because of the amount of detail they can find about schools and the opportunity to compare them, thanks to our advanced search and match tools.

Costing less per year than a couple of local newspaper adverts, an enhanced advertising package with the isbi Schools Directory will give your school considerable exposure, enabling parents and students to successfully find and short-list your school, and then to enquire.Extend your online presence with low cost advertising that works!Unlike expensive and often ineffective 'hit and miss' advertising in offline media (local newspapers, national and international press etc), the isbi Schools Directory offers you:

  • a low cost way to reach more families who are actively looking online now;enhanced profile content (text, images, video), tools and functionality - including contact details and links to your website and social media and the opportunity to post latest information and news;
  • promotion of your virtual and in-person Open Days and tours with geo-targeting search options;banner advertising across the isbi Schools Directory and other opportunities to attract more visitors to your school's website;
  • a measurable return on investment - we provide detailed analytics so you can measure results, but quality is the key... if we can bring you one enrolment per year we will have succeeded, but we aim to do more than that!

Subscription packages to suit your school

We have developed a number of subscription packages offering a range of online advertising opportunities to extend, enhance and further promote your school's profile on the isbi Schools Directory, including video, Open Days, online prospectus and publications, photo galleries, testimonials etc.

Help facilitate parents’ decision-making

We are more than just a directory we also offer prospective parents’ advice and information to help make the right choice for their child. We have a library of blogs and articles on all sorts of aspects of education and parenting with advice on things like examinations, tutoring, choosing a school to dealing with more complex topics like talking about race and gender to coping with lockdowns.

Actively promoting your school

We frequently promote our website and your school on parenting websites like Families Online and in the National press. We also share school news and stories on Facebook and with our 2000+ Twitter Followers.

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